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Need a draftsman for your new home, addition or commercial project?
Let us help! Serving the entire state of Florida and others.
We have 30 yrs (70 yrs total) of residential and commercial construction and design experience!
Price Includes Engineering


Pictured from left to right...
Braxton Willis(Grandson)
Jody Willis (Owner/red shirt)
Jacob Willis (son)
Cleo Willis (Father holding Rudy)


We are in the process of updating our stock House Plans, however you may want to browse. We offer these plans at a rate that is 50%less than our custom House Plan prices.
all of our plans are engineered and meet the Florida building code

Actual Plans are not shown. Cut sheets (Conceptual Drafts) only

Trinity Drafting LLC
Phone: (813)-482-2463

We Accept Visa/MC/American Express

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